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Deep Cleaning

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Our deep cleaning service is the starting point in our relationship with each new client. Often referred to as a “spring cleaning,” this service benefits both the client and our cleaning team by providing a thoroughly clean home right from the very beginning. Deep cleaning is essential for maintaining a healthy and clean home. How does deep cleaning differ from routine housekeeping? For starters, our deep cleaning focuses on what is NOT seen. For example, we take the time to clean out from under the oven, behind the refrigerator, and along the sides and behind the washer and dryer. Additionally, we focus on trouble areas of the home for dust build-up, such as blinds and baseboards. These are but a few of the hidden areas our cleaning crew will address. PREMIUM CLEANING SERVICE FOR THE ULTIMATE CLEAN...YEAR ROUND! Start clean and stay clean all year round! Customers who sign up for weekly or bi-weekly housekeeping service have the option of receiving 3 deep cleanings each year. We call this our “premium cleaning service.” Customers receive an additional two deep cleanings scheduled at approximately 4 month intervals. The result...a beautiful clean home year round!

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